Who shoot during our event?
Aldrin Valencerina is the main photographer. During weddings, he is supported by 1 or 2 backup photographer(s). With kiddie parties and baptismal, he usually work alone unless the client requires another photographer. We usually shoot 1 event per day to make sure that our clients are treated with our personal touch.

Where are you located?
We are located in Muntinlupa but we basically shoot anywhere.

Do you have your own studio for prenup, prebirthday and predebut? Also, do you provide the styling and props?
We still don’t have our own studio. We shoot on outdoor locations. We encourage our client to get the best location they can afford. The client is also in-charge of the styling and props that they will use. All transportation costs and meals are to be provided by the client.

Do we need to feed you during the event?
It will be stated in the contract that meals are to be provided for the team. When a person is hungry, he gets distracted and shaky. We highly appreciate it if you treat us well.

What is your photography style?
Our photography style is modern, simple, clean and yet classy. It’s a mixture of documentary, portraiture and candids. Nothing fancy. We will capture the day exactly how it unfolds, getting all of the important photos.

What gear do you use?
We use Canon 6D and 7D camera bodies, plus Canon prime lenses and lighting gear.

What are your payment terms? Are they refundable?
We require a downpayment of Php 2,000 for kiddie and baptismal, while Php 5,000 for wedding and debut coverage. Sorry, any payment for reservations are not refundable.

During weddings, what will happen if the bride is coming from the hotel and the groom from his house?
We can’t afford to divide our team so we will only be able to cover the bride’s preparation. There will be no groom preps to be shown on the SDE and wedding album.

How much is your travel / out-of-town rates?
Our out-of-town fee depends on the location.

What will you and your team wear?
We dress in smart casual because we want to make sure that we look professional enough.

What happens when your ill?
We will be there even we are sick unless we are confined and/or in serious condition.

Can I post my photos on Facebook and other social networking site?
Yes, of course! But please take some time to give us a bit of credit as the team behind the lenses.